In June 2014 the Panorama Langkawi Cable Car in Malaysia became the home for a brand-new, shiny, 11 meter (36 foot) Fulldome.pro outdoor closed dome theater.

Fulldome.pro didn’t just install the dome, but created a futuristic-looking architectural project to fit harmoniously with the overall design of Panorama Langkawi. The planetarium building, installed by the Fulldome.pro team, was dubbed “SkyDome”, in keeping with other features, SkyCab, SkyTrail and SkyBridge, that are part of the Panorama Langkawi Cable Car complex.

The silver, weather-resistant structure of SkyDome is an aluminum, geodesic frame, covered with pre-fabricated aluminum panels. Additional layers provide soundproofing and thermo-isolation. Inside the dome is a 10 meter (33 foot) diameter n-pressure screen, complete with Fulldome.pro projection system utilizing 12 SONY SXRD Full HD projectors. The dome seats 46 guests in comfortable high-backed chairs.

The SkyDome is built on the beautiful, green Machincang mountain top, 700 meters (2,300 feet) above the sea level and is reached via the SkyCab cable car system. SkyDome is in operation during the regular opening hours of the entertainment complex, with fulldome shows running every 15-20 minutes, in the intervals between the SkyCab arrivals and departures.

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